Axxcelera Egypt is engaged in research and development of radio access technology for broadband wireless networks. Its main focus is on developing baseband software-defined radio solutions that enable next generation base stations..

Long Term Evolution (LTE) radio access and beyond will require advanced signal processing algorithms and high-performance computational techniques to meet the demands imposed by the 3GPP LTE standard. The standard requires support of up to one hundred simultaneous users at data rates exceeding one  hundred of Mbit/s in the downlink and uplink for cell radii of over 100km in very challenging channel conditions. Advanced signal processing techniques such as MIMO, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access and Single-Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access enable such high performance in the physical layer (L1) of the LTE stack at the user equipment (UE) and base station (eNodeB).

The implementation of the required complex algorithms in a stringent real-time setting requires considerable computational resources in the form of interconnected DSP cores, hardware accelerators and associated peripherals. It also requires a software framework to facilitate inter-core communication and efficient access to shared resources and interfaces. To meet the stringent real-time requirements an inter-core aware real-time operating system schedules application tasks on the respective DSP core.